Difference between short throw Vs long throw projector

Short Vs long throw projector

Difference between short throw Vs long throw projector

Over the past few years, the main use of projectors in home theater systems and offices are getting huge fame. Despite its improved popularity, however, most of the users have their doubts about the right kind of projectors either short throw Vs long throw and understand the difference between both.

Long or standard throw projector

The long throw projectors are also known as standard throw projectors that become a most common type. They need the best quantity of distance to create a picture that normally requires about 8 to 10 feet of throw distance. They are cheap as well as versatile that could be widely utilized for both home and office purpose.

The great thing about long throw projector is the amount of space that it takes up as well as the making of shadows while people pass in a space between the screen and the projector.

short throw projector

Short throw projector

The short throw projectors are created for the presenters who work more closely with the projection screen without even having the glare of the projector in their eyes.

Another reason to select this screen is closely confined to the several classrooms as well as training facilities that do not even permit enough throw a distance for the standard projector. Even many of the short throw projectors are mainly used for the professionals or commercial applications.

In order to make a clear image, typically, this short throw projector needs about 3 to 4 feet of throw distance. They can deliver a big picture even in close confines.

Why ultra short throw projectors?

In fact, the ultra short throw projectors are one of the latest concepts in the new projection technologies. They are specially designed to be placed flush with the screen and also make a vast picture. Naturally, they have a reflector lens to spread out its light signal through a small distance. This ultra short throw projector will need about 3 to 20 inches of a throw distance.

There is no opportunity of foot traffic passing between the screen and the projector that takes away all potentials of a shadow formation. They are already famous with the educational institutions as well as businesses. However, these projector screens are gaining popularity in the residential uses with the manufacturer’s introducing the cheap projector models.

How to select the right projection screen?

When it comes to selecting the perfect projection screen for you, first, you need to understand the difference between short throw projector Vs regular and then choose the one that is perfect for your image requires to be projected from a minimal distance. There is also a wide choice of projectors available from the large suppliers, so you can pick the right projection screen, independent of the type of brand. These projections give you with a number of potential strategies that you can relate to ensuring that you can securely install the projection screens.


The projection screen will always appear curly quicker. These kinds of throw projectors can highly work in various ways than the conventional projector. Therefore, it is good to select a close range projector from a thick rigid fabric or a thin elastic fabric.