How to find the best projector for your office or business use

Projector for business use

How to find the best projector for your office or business use

Whether it is the small, medium or large scale businesses, it is highly crucial to submit the different types of presentations to explain their project or work. If you are in need of presenting the powerpoint presentation, it is crucial to have the best office projectors. There are a variety of models and brands of the video projectors available to provide you the largest images for your rear. They also make a positive impact on your audience by just delivering your MS Excel or PowerPoint documents on the 150-inch screen.

Considering the brightness of the video projector:

If you are willing to buy the powerpoint projector for your office use, first of all, it is essential to consider the brightness of your video projector.

There are several ranges of the business video projectors currently available in the market. From among them, it is highly important to pick the best choice for all your requirements.

When it comes to the brightness of the projector, it is usually measured in the ANSI lumens unit. This lumen is just equal to the amount of light emitted by the candle in the square foot sized area. The amount of lumens necessary for your video projector is probably depending on your number of audience and also the light conditions in your space while presenting anything.

The following are some of the lumens recommendations by the size of the audience and also the lighting conditions. They include,

  • 2000 to 2500 lumens for low ambient light or lights off presentations.
  • When you have 100 audiences or more under the bright lights, you should have 6000 lumens.
  • If there are 100 to 200 audiences with some ambient light, it is crucial to have 4500 lumens.
  • For less than a hundred of the audience with the ambient light, it is enough to have 3000 lumens.

Other important considerations:

Inputs and resolution are also the most significant factors for the business projector for powerpoint presentation in order to get the high-quality pictures. But all the business owners must have to keep in your mind that the quality of the MS Excel and Powerpoint document will make a very big difference in the quality of your picture which is going to be presented.


If you are using the lower resolution graphics on your PowerPoint or excel, it is no matter how good your video projector. This is because such lower quality images will make your presentation too bad when it is displayed on the 150-inch screen.

So, it is highly crucial t make sure that you have to save your presentation at the highest possible resolution for getting the extraordinary output in the ppt projector.  


It is highly suggested now going to the HD projectors which have most probably about twice the pixels of the WXGA and XGA projectors. Thus, it can give you the sharpest looking image and better compatibility along with the high definition sources.