How do you choose between grey Vs white projector screen?

Kinds of projector screens / Projector screen

How do you choose between grey Vs white projector screen?

When there is a projection of an image or video, the occurrence of a projector screen is predictable. Especially, this projector screen is made as a flat screen that can be being hung on the wall or raised vertically, where the image is reflected, so that the image size can be engorged. Usually, the surfaces of such screen are rough as well as colored white. Basically, there are different kinds of projector screens available that include:

  • Manual projector screens
  • Portable projector screens
  • Electric projector screens
  • Home cinema projection screens
  • Fixed frame projector screens
  • Movie board home cinema projection screens

Apart from that, there are dual types of screen materials widely utilized for home theater such as white and gray projector screens. Before purchasing, you must decide which type is better either grey or white projector screen for your home theater. Among these two, the grey screens have become most famous ever since. This grey screen is also known as high contrast screens, because their main work is to boost up the contrast on digital projectors in watching rooms, which are not wholly dark.

grey projector screenWhat color screen is the best for projector?

Of course, the customers are highly used the white projector screens, but it is always not the perfect choice for you. There are some reasons why the first grey Vs white projector screen has started making their appearances.

If you need to enjoy the complete features of your new projector has, you can simply match it with the right screen. These screens have determined what happens to the light your projector produces. When you are optimizing your viewing setup, you can use the best screen for your projector. It is all about matching your need with the right screen’s capabilities.

The projectors are widely used in several scenarios in which the list of uses is developing. All you have to do is to choose the right projector screen color that works for you and also as effective as possible.

Applications of gray and white screens

Gray screen

If you have a projector that puts out more light, the screen is made up of gray fabric that absorbs some of the light as well as darkening a picture. This could be improved by the perceived contrast that makes pictures, which have dark areas clearer and simpler to view.


  • Increased color production
  • Less color bleeding


  • Negative gain
  • Hot spotting

white projector screen


White screen

The white screens can reflect the light of the projector as it is with small or no loss. They do not even improve the contrast, but they do maintain the brightness of a projector.


  • Realistic pictures
  • Ambient light


Diminished viewing angle


Overall, using a grey projector screen Vs white is more important for your scenario. The white screen offers you a brighter image, while the gray screen will provide you better image quality. If you have a good light screen, you just look for the brilliant screen colors that are suitable for many situations.